Physical Therapy is the answer to your pain. We specialize in pain relief whether it is in your neck, your spine, your lower back, your knees, your hips, your ankles, your shoulders or anywhere your body is experiencing pain. Sometimes you have terrible pain in your head that is actually coming from other places in your body. Through a comprehensive interview and exam, our physical therapists will diagnose and develop the best plan to help rid you of pain and prevent it from returning. We offer hands on therapy, exercise equipment, at home exercises, ultrasound and other treatments designed specifically for you and your condition.

Top Rated & Reviewed Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists have the most advanced training and expertise in their field. Their goal is to decrease your pain, increase your functioning and educate you in maintaining a pain-free life. Prevention of further recurrences is addressed through education and home exercises. You will benefit from physical therapy because our physical therapists provide treatments for a variety of ailments and educate you in living a healthy lifestyle, safe movements and the best workout plans for you. Contact us and start feeling better today!